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5 Tips To Protect Your E-Mail Account And Privacy

E-Mail is one of the most important tools that we use online, it is definitely much more private and safe to send a message through E-Mail rather than through a Social Networking Site.But there are ways by which you can compromise your E-Mail account inadvertently, so today I will give you some tips to not get caught out and make sure that you keep your E-Mail Account safe.

Do Not Post Your E-Mail Information On Any Social Networking Sites
The maximum you should provide to a Social Network is your E-Mail Id.You should never give away your Password, Pin Code details etc.Although reputed Social Networks like Facebook or Twitter never ask for the password nor would they ever misuse it, but some fraud networks can do so.

Also never give your password or other sensitive information to applications that ask for your permission on Facebook and Twitter.Remember these applications are not developed by Facebook and hence cannot be trusted, they may misuse your personal information.

Have A Strong Password
Always have a strong password, use a combination of letters,numbers and special characters.Never use your own name or your relatives names or your birth date as your password.These passwords can be easily identified by someone who knows you well.

Also, keep changing your password every month.Especially if you use public computers.

Public Computers? Be Careful.
You cannot always use your own personal computer, sometimes you may have to use a public computer.Public Computers are one of the top reasons why people lose their E-Mail Accounts.You may forget to log out and hence the next person using that computer would be in total control of your E-Mail Account.

You may have not noticed, but some Internet Cafe owners tick the "Remember Me" below the password entry section.Make sure that you always un-check that option.

Don't Be Fooled.
Sometimes you may receive a mail from your "E-Mail Provider" claiming that your password has been compromised and hence you may have to create a new password.Do not fall prey to such frauds, always navigate to the service provider's website manually and check if the message was true, before you enter any password details.

Do Not Use Same Password Everywhere
Make sure that you use different passwords for your E-Mail Account, Social Networking accounts, E-Commerce website accounts etc.

If one of these accounts got compromised, then you would lose all your accounts, if you use the same password for all the accounts.

Follow these 5 simple tips to keep your E-Mail Account safe and sound.Always be careful and aware of the websites you are visiting and hence be safe.

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