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5 Tips for Writing Blog Posts that Make an Impact

Creating a blog isn't that difficult, but finding blogging success can be more of a challenge. Below are 5 tips for writing a blog posts that make an impact can help to ensure that you gain not only new readers but also a devoted, loyal following.

#1. Focus on Positive Content.
When it comes to your blog, positive content is one of the most important of the five tips for writing a blog post that makes an impact. For writers, there are two definitions of positive that really relate when it comes to blogging. First, there is the traditional definition; when your blog isn't making people angry, ruining moods, or simply trashing its subject matter, readers are likely to come back for your next post. All things being equal, people would rather something positive and uplifting.

The other definition of positive has its own significance to blogging. Positive content can also be active, engaging content. This causes readers to want to act or respond and those same readers will be coming back for more.

#2. Promote your RSS Feed.
Having multiple people read one of your blogs is great, but it is always better to have them read multiple posts. After all, if you are trying to benefit your business, sell add space on your blog, or just get your word out to the masses, having readers subscribe to your blog means more chances successfully do all of these and more.
Promoting your RSS feed is a great way to build a stable source of traffic. Readers will know when you update without the hassle of having to check back too your blog each day to search for a new post. The last thing you want to do is rely too much on Google or other referrers for traffic. You want to be diverse and get traffic from many sources.

#3. Have an Email Feed Signup.
Like the RSS feed, an email feed can notify readers of your newest posts. You can even use email to forward your blog posts in the form of a newsletter. This can keep readers engaged and informed, and ensure that a one-time blog reader can transform into return visitors.
If you can keep a tally of your subscribed--RSS and email--readers, this could be a strong selling point for ads on your blog site. Having a large subscriber count indicates a more loyal following, which is highly valued to webmasters and advertisers. Using a service such as Feedburner by Google can help you do this.

#4. Promote it on Social Media.

One of the most basic lessons of networking is that sometimes; it isn't a matter of what you know but whom you know. This isn't so different when it comes to promoting a blog on the Internet. If you have a personal or business account on social media, you probably have dozens, hundreds, maybe thousands of contacts that could become your first readers. These friends and acquaintances that enjoy your blog may recommend it and share it with others, or at least post to their own social media pages that they read your post.
And, since people tend to check their social media websites more often than others, they are more likely to notice when you have a new post without having to subscribe and messages get buried in email.

#5. Titles are Important.
Titles can be everything from brief summaries of the blog content to creative and enticing phrases that make readers curious and draw them in. Titles tell readers whether they want to read a blog, and you should be aware of that when you craft them. Don't omit them and don't make them generic. Both of these shortcuts appear lazy to readers and can cost you their time and attention.
By following these 5 tips and provide interesting, relevant, and targeted content, you could be setting up your blog for success. Now starting writing!

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