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5 Most Common SEO Mistakes Every Blogger Should Avoid

Search Engine optimization plays a vital role in your blog's success. SEO can make and can break your blog, if you are employing SEO strategies effectively on your blog you will have a lot of traffic from search engines whereas if you are doing mistakes while employing SEO strategies then it can harm your blog's ranking.

SEO is not a rocket science but still it requires things to be done in the proper manner. Many newbies bloggers often do a lot of SEO mistakes which ruins their blogging career. In this post i will share some most common SEO mistakes which you should avoid so that you can enjoy your blogging career with lots of organic traffic to your blog.

The 5 most common SEO mistakes every blogger should avoid are as follows:

Targeting Wrong Keywords:

Writing your posts with well researched keywords is an important part of SEO but many bloggers fail to choose the right keywords for their post which makes their post not ranked on the first page of search engine result. Newbies blogger often target the wrong keywords in their posts which is useless.
Newbies blogger often target the keywords which have high competition. Its difficult to get high rankings in search results for competitive keywords, hence targeting the right keywords is must for getting higher ranking in search results.

Keywords Stuffing:

Search engines hate keyword stuffing. Using your keywords again and again in your post is also a most common SEO mistake. Keywords are important for your blog's SEO. keyword repetetion helps search engine to know about the importance of post for that particular keyword but overuse of keywords can harm your ranking and it may make your blog to be penalized by search engines.

Backlink Spamming:

It's a fact that backlinks are important for your blog's ranking but over backlinking can lead your blog to get banned by the search engines. Recently Google has brought its new algorithm named as penguin specially to deal with the sites and blog which are spamming across the web to get backlinks. Remember you need quality backlinks for your blog, hence you should avoid backlink spamming.

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Not Optimizing Images:

Not optimizing images of your blog for search engine is also a common SEO mistake specially among the newbies. You should remember that images can also give enough traffic from search engines if you optimize them appropriately. Use of alt tag and title tag is always suggested for your images. Search engine robots can't see your image hence the only method to let them know about the image is to give appropriate alt tag and title tag to image. Alt tag and title tag help search engines to know what the image is all about.

Lack Of Internal Linking:

Internal linking is the best way to flow the PR juice in your blog. Lack of internal linking is also a common seo mistake among the newbies. Newbie bloggers often ignore linking their past posts in their new post which effect their blog's ranking.

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