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3 Record Keeping Apps You Should Have

3 Record Keeping Apps You Should Have 

One of the best things you want to do with your device is organize your work life and make things easier and faster for you, this doesn’t exclude me too. From the calendar to the organizer to apps on our smartphone devices, everything around us revolves around helping us make things better for ourselves. 

If you want to keep record of important things you are going to do in the future, I bet you will be looking for your to-do program on your computer. That can be more tedious, considering that operating a computer is not as flexible as operating a smartphone device.

How about me telling you about some record-keeping apps you can get for your smartphones/tablets? In this post is a list of three record-keeping apps you should have.

Evernote is, perhaps, the most popular of those apps that are meant for record purposes. Evernote is more flexible and a better choice for anyone that takes the information and important things you’ve recorded to do as valuable stuffs.

Evernote will make it easy for you to access any of your to-do lists on any computer or any device available to you, so far there is an internet connection.

While for other apps, you have to email your to-do list in order to make them accessible on any other device of your choice,  Evernote allows you to skip the email part of it and make your to-do lists and notes available to you on any device.

The app is available for free download, and you can have up to 4 MB of storage per month or 500 for $5 per month.

This is yet another free to-do app that has been able to garner a lot of high points from many users who reviewed it. The app integrates with Microsoft Outlook and Google, and you’re able to share your reminders and memos with other users.

Another good option is that it helps you convert voice memos to texts, not like some imposed features – but you are free to choose if you like this option.

One particular thing I like about it is that, like the Evernote, it also synchronizes with an online account that allows you to access your memos from any device you have, which means having you phone with you before you’re able to access your memos is not necessary.

Jott might be sort of different from the other apps that have been listed above. It transcribes voices notes to texts and then pushes them to your social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Google Calendar and so on.

It has a desktop version and you also have to create an account with so that you’ll be able to synchronize your memos with it. It is also able to work with Blogger, Wordpress, and Remember the Milk! The benefit of this is that you’ll find it useful if you fancy dictating your blog posts, of course the posts would have to be short ones because your recording time limit might hurt your business if you don’t upgrade to the pay version.

The pay version is for $3.95 monthly, and you can also go for a pro account which is $12.95 a month.

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