Saturday, 28 April 2012

Type ‘Zerg Rush’ Into Google For a Google Game

Google Zerg Rush

Google is giving us another reason to goof off on a Friday with an Easter egg related to the popular game StarCraft.

When you type in "Zerg Rush" on your Google search page, you will soon see that all the 'O's in the search page turn into evil attacking letters, which you need to wipe out using your mouse cursor, which turns into a plus sign (like cross-hairs of a gun).

Google even records a score as you remove more and more 'O's and it even allows you to share your score to your Google+ profile if you wish to do so.This seems to be an effort on the part of Google to encourage more users to sign up to Google+.

The idea has been taken from the fact that Zergs are an alien race of insectoids in Blizzard Entertainment’s StarCraft.
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