Friday, 20 April 2012

HostGator Affiliate Promotion - 10 12 Month Xbox Live Gold Membership Gift Cards

HostGator comes up with some of the best promotion offers for their affiliate partners (such as myself).The latest promotion from HostGator is about Dedicated Windows Servers, a 100$ off Offer.

How do you enter the contest? Have a blog?

Simply email and show us a blog post or how you are promoting the Windows Dedicated Server Promotion. We will then randomly select the 10 winners the beginning of next month!

When you email in, include your affiliate username, a link to the site, and proof of ownership (show that you have referred traffic from that site to HostGator in the past, have your name on your site somewhere or have the whois information match your affiliate contact info.

So if you are a Hostgator affiliate, I suggest you go right in for this promo and try make some money online.

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