Monday, 30 April 2012

HelloFax: Google Drive Converted to Fax Machine

HelloFax: Google Drive
Fax machines have been in use for decades, but HelloFax has come one step closer to eliminating the Fax Machine completely.This is a service that has been integrated into Google Drive.HelloFax’s Google Drive integration allows you to fax any document or file from Google Drive, as well as receive faxes from others in a special HelloFax folder created within the drive itself.

HelloFax CEO Joseph Walla said -
Our objective as a company is to end faxing everywhere for everyone, It’s so wasteful. It’s environmentally unfriendly, and it’s a waste of time.What we found out is that the only reason people fax things is that the vast majority of these documents are being signed.What we’ve found is a lot of people joined us for faxing, and now they’ve converted to electronic signatures. We have a lot users who were fax users and now they don’t fax at all.
 The HelloFax - Google Drive service allows you to edit PDF files in your browser itself, which in turn removes the need to print them out, sign them and then scan back into the computer so that it could be printed again.

HelloFax has already proved to be quite a new useful application as it is being used extensively by the new Silicon Valley start ups as well as many multinational companies from around the world.

HelloFax company is trying to focus on making e-signatures better, safer and more reliable through such new applications.It may not be long before your workplace starts using HelloFax.
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