Sunday, 29 April 2012

Gautham A S: I wouldn't jump ship from Dropbox to Google

Brian Matthews on Twitter asked me whether he should switch from Dropbox to Google Drive, given that Dropbox costs a whole lot more, here is my answer.

Gautham A S: I wouldn't jump ship from Dropbox to Google drive just yet. I have a 100 GB pro service with Dropbox.
One thing is that Dropbox also has lot of 3rd party apps (on phone and on PC as well) that I use, there is also a lacking in Google Drive as there is no linux support from Google yet.

But more importantly, Google drive is to still show how good it is. Even though Google is a giant in the cloud space (and the whole of internet) but still others have faltered before. I've myself been burnt by Sky drive and others jumbling up my data and messing up files when they are updated. It would be a wait an watch for me. At maximum, even if Google Drive is good enough, I'll spend a 50$ extra for one more year before I jump over.I would not make this switch until and unless I am absolutely sure about this.I would not want to risk my files and data.
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