Saturday, 28 April 2012

DataWind - Ubislate 7C/7+ Tablet Review and Price

DataWind, the makers of the much acclaimed Akash Tablet, have come up with two more tablets in the same range as that of the Akash Tablet.The two tablets are, Ubislate 7C and Ubislate 7+ which are priced at Rs.3999 and Rs.2999 respectively, here we will give you some news and features of the Ubislate 7C tablet.

Ubislate 7C is basically meant for students, with all CBSE texts already loaded on to the tablets at the time of sale.Ubislate 7C also has an inbuilt Wikipedia application which can be used by students to gain instant knowledge on any topic.Several more applications such as these have been introduced in the new Ubislate 7C by DataWind.

The UbiSlate 7+ has a seven-inch resistive touchscreen, while the UbiSlate 7C has seven-inch four-point capacitive touchscreen.This being one of the few differences between the two tablets by DataWind.

DataWind have even thrown a stone at the iPad makers, by installing a SIM functionality which can be used to make phone calls, something the iPad lacks.But it clearly lags behind in the fact that it does not have a camera, while the iPad has a pretty decent one.

The UbiSlate 7C runs on Android 2.3 Gingerbread operating system, with options of upgrade.
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