Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Nokia To Shut Down Ovi Store Share Service

For a long time, Nokia had this service called - Ovi Store Share Service, which allowed registered Ovi store users to upload pictures, videos and files to the Nokia Servers for remote access.Nokia informed about the closure of this service, to all its Ovi registered users through e-mail.The Ovi Store Share Service was popularly called as the DropBox of Nokia.

After March 13 2012,registered Ovi users will not be allowed to upload files, pictures,videos, while last date to download any file that they had previously uploaded from the server is May 30. The Ovi Share will completely shut down on May 31, after which no one will be able to access the feature.

The Nokia E-mail we mentioned above, contained the following text -

As of 30 May 2012, we will be discontinuing the Ovi Share service. If you already have another copy of your files existing on your computer or another sharing service, you do not need to do anything," it says. You will continue to have access to Ovi Share until 30 May 2012; however you will not be able to upload new files after 13 March 2012
Nokia seems to have taken to this step as a way to simplify its online business and remove less popular features .They seem to want to concentrate on location based services, more than services such as Ovi Share. 
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