Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Do Individual Pages of Website have same Page Rank as Home Page?

Many people do not know that the page rank of individual pages vary widely within a site and often will be much lesser than the page rank of the home page of a website.Usually the home page will have a higher page rank due to the fact that other websites link to the home page of a site more often than individual pages.Usually the home page and the About page will have a high page rank as they are the most linked to.

Individual pages of a website will usually have one or two page ranks lesser than the home page of a website.For example, a website may have a page rank of 6 but most of its pages will be of page rank 4 and some will be of a page rank 5.

It is very rare that you get a website where the home page and the individual pages have the same PR.

Many people while building links and guest blogging at high PR sites think that they are getting a high Page Rank back link, while they actually get only a lesser page rank back link.
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