Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Windows 8 Public Beta Released Today

Windows will release its latest edition of the operating software franchise, Windows 8, for public beta testing today, February 29/2012(Date subjective to which country you belong to) ahead of the Official Windows 8 release which is scheduled for the end of the year.This phase of beta testing by public will include partial versions of windows 8 being made available to the general public, so that they can test it and report any bugs or  problems with the OS to Microsoft.This phase will also allow enthusiasts to give feedback regarding any improvements in features of user interface.

What's New?
Here are some of the features of Windows 8 that are totally new -

  • ARM and x86 Hardware Versions
  • Alternate Metro UI
  • Touch-Friendly Apps

The Touch-Friendly Apps has been installed to enable more compatibility with touch based devices.This move has shown that Microsoft is serious about being a major player in the market of Tablets, something they do not have a strong foothold in, unlike the PC market.

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