Sunday, 5 February 2012

Why I chose .org over .com or .net as a Domain Name?

I recently moved my Tech Blog from a blog-spot sub-domain to a top level domain name, people asked me why I did not go for a .com .net .in etc as an extension for my domain name.So I thought of explaining this with the reasons I thought of while choosing the .org domain name.

.Org Vs .Com
  • .Org gets an instant respect and a feeling of trust from the users, which is very much necessary to build a successful website.
  • .Org is equal if not better than .com for Search Engine Optimization.Country wise domain extensions lose out on a part of SEO.
  • .Org is also the domain extension of some of the top blogs in my niche, so I thought they must be on to something that others are not, example -
  • .Com is a really common domain extension and hence I was not too interested in grabbing for it, .Org on the other hand gives a much more unique name to a brand.
There were also some other reasons which I found too trivial to write here, but these were some of the best reasons I could think of.
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