Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Which Font to Use to Save Ink in Printer?

Rapidly the world is moving towards a place where you will find lesser and lesser papers and more information stored in a digital format, but until we reach that Utopian world, we will still be irritated every so often by the amount of ink we consume while using printers.In this post I would like to put forth a few tips that could be useful to save ink on your Printer.

Use a Font with Holes 
Font with Holes

A font with holes will look identical to one without holes unless you are using it for headers or keeping the size of the text big.For normal text and essays or notes you can use a font with holes in them.You can save anywhere around 20% of the Ink by using this method.

What to do while Printing Web Pages?
As you can see below, a Web Page consists of Images and Ads that you would not want to print along with the text.

Web Pages do not just have text in them, they also have images, ads etc which will such the ink out of your printer, the worst part is that you do not even need these extra images and ads.So I recommend you use Readability, a web application that helps you to remove the clutter of a web page and reduce it to basic text which can be printed hassle-free.

So which is the Most Economical Font?

Of all the basic fonts that are available in all software, some will take up a lot more ink than others.

I myself conducted an experiment over time with a cartridge of Black Ink which I used to print out many text documents, I was amazed that my favorite font Comic Sans is the font that takes up most ink while printing a standard A4 size sheet of Text.The font that took up the least amount of Ink was the Courier, which is guessable looking at its thin text format.

So there you have it, a complete guide to Ink saving techniques while printing a text document.

So start saving ink by following these practices.
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