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What is Google Page Rank?

Google Page Rank is a comparative tool to measure the significance and importance of a web page in the world of internet.Google Page Rank was originally developed by Larry Page, the co-owner of Google but it has received a lot of tweaks and the algorithm has changed over the years.Like most of Google's algorithms, even the Page Rank Algo is a well kept secret.

What is the Use of Google Page Rank?
Google Page Rank can be used to see if a page has authority over its contents, higher the page rank, higher is the quality and authority of that particular web page.A page rank of 5 would mean that a web page has a strong hold over the contents present in it, while a page rank of 2 would mean it is just a mediocre source of information.

How is Page Rank Calculated?
In this context, we can only guess the factors that make up the Google Page Rank.But it is commonly known that the most important factor of Google Page Rank is links from other related websites, higher the page rank of the web pages that link to you, higher your page rank will be, similarly, more the number of web pages that link to you, more will be your page rank.

Some of the other factors which may affect the Google Page Rank are -

Will Higher Page Rank Ensure Better Search Results?
A higher Google Page Rank will definitely help you in getting crawled and indexed faster, but it does not always mean that higher the page rank, better will be your search results.There are a lot more things that go into deciding which pages get higher ranking in search engines.A high Google Page Rank is definitely helpful but it is not the almighty deciding factor.

When Will I Get a Page Rank?
Google updates Page Rank on a real time basis but we webmasters only get to see the changes once in two or three months, when Google decides to publicly update the Google Page Rank.So once you get a page rank, you wont see any change for a couple of months.

This is everything you will need to know about the Google Page Rank.Recommended Read - Google Above the Fold Algo.
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