Friday, 17 February 2012

Save the New G-Mail Ads

Google Adsense Ads are everywhere, now you can also find them in your G-Mail Inbox, with new custom styles for the ads as seen in the image, first spotted here.

The small box in the upper right hand corner, which has a thumbnail image in it, was all that appeared alongside the original email. The text advertises an upcoming movie, “One Day”. Clicking on the box opened the larger image inside an email. At the top left (not shown here) the user is given three options: Save to Inbox, Forward and Dismiss.
G-Mail provides you with the option of saving these ads that appear in the sidebar of your inbox for future use, say for a coupon or a discount or just a link to a website you found through the Adsense Ads.If you dismiss an ad however, it will never appear again.So use this tool wisely to make sure that you have the right kind of ads at G-Mail.
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