Sunday, 19 February 2012

The Problem with URL Shortening Services

URL Shortening is an important tool to reduce the length of long URL's to short URL's that span only a few characters.Shortened URL's are being used extensively on Twitter, Blogs, Amazon Associates Etc.But there is an inherent problem with with these URL Shortening Services due to the reason that so many of them are coming up each and everyday.Let me explain further.

Problem with URL Shortening Services

Due to the fact that so many of these URL shortening services are coming up everyday, there is a surplus of such services.If you use some of these services to shorten your URL's, you are fine as long as these services are up and running, but some them will go under due to the competition and hence will have to close down.So when one such URL Shortening service closes down, all the URL's that have been shortened using that service will lead to 404 Error pages, which is not good for SEO or if you have linked to Products and Affiliates.

So I advice to use only very reputable and well settled URL Shortening services so that you avoid these problems.
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