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iPad 3 Rumors - Features Price and Release Dates

iPad 3 rumors
iPad 3 is the one of the most awaited and talked about Apple releases in the recent times, but when is it actually going to be released?What are the features it may hold?What specs will be removed?What will be the price of the iPad 3?Well, to answer these questions, I researched a little bit and found the following.

There were rumors that the iPad 3 would be released in February 2012, now that we are almost nearing the end of the month, we can scratch that rumor off the list.Another rumor was that the iPad 3 would be released on Steve Jobs Birthday, but that did not happen as well.Now, Tech Gau is expecting a promo in March 2012( anywhere between 7th to 9th).Let us see what the iPad 3 may pack when it is shown off to the world.

Talks are about the new Apple iPad chip-set, about which very little in known to the general public, seems like it is a well kept secret.Another feature boost expected is the "Retina Display", but to get this Retina Display, Apple may have to compromise on the size of the screen, a 7-Inch Tablet would be perfect to incorporate Retina Display.

Wall Street Journal, in one of their rumor reports suggested that the iPad 3 would support 4G speeds and functionality.Till now all of Apple technologies have been limited to 3G.

I am also expecting a thicker tablet, due to the simple fact that the iPad 3 will possess a much better camera than its predecessor.A camera similar to the iPhone 4S can be expected.

The Price of the iPad 3 can only be estimated based on its features, so stay tuned.

Overall we are not likely to see drastic design changes in the iPad 3, it will look similar to the previous iPads.

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