Saturday, 18 February 2012

Importance Of Proper Attribution of Content

When you own a website and you have used information from somewhere else, you need to attribute the information to the source you get it from, this is very important as it gives credit to those who provided the information and is the ethical thing to do.

A recent event showcased how a NYT Blogger was fired as he copied content from Wall Street Journal without any proper attribution.

Here are the thoughts of a few experts in the field -

Felix Salmon -

The problem, here, is that the bloggers at places like the NYT and the WSJ are print reporters, and aren’t really bloggers at heart.. It’s almost as though they think that linking to a story elsewhere is an admission of defeat, rather than a prime reason why people visit blogs in the first place.

Tom Foremski -

When I became a journalist/blogger more than five years ago, I loved the fact that I could quote directly from many news sources and then add my contribution to the story.. This embarrassment wouldn’t have been an embarrassment if its reporters were allowed to do the decent thing and attribute and link back.
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