Sunday, 19 February 2012

Google+ Vs Facebook - Funny Pictures 2012

Here are a series of funny pictures with the central theme being Google+ Vs Facebook.I found most of these pictures amusing and at the same time informative as well.Lets get straight into them -

Here you can see a Plea from Mark Zuckerberg to Google+
Facebook Vs Google Plus Funny

Here you can see Google+ carrying the Facebook Coffin

Facebook Vs Google Plus Funny 2

Here Google+ has been depicted as the end point of Social Network Evolution 

Facebook Vs Google Plus Funny 3

Google+ Angry Birds destroying other Social Networks

Facebook Vs Google Plus Funny 4

Here we can see the Time taken by the Social Networks to reach 10 million users

Time for 10 million users

Stay tuned for more funny Tech Pics.
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