Sunday, 26 February 2012

Flipkart now Selling MP3 Songs On Download

Those who read this blog will know that I love FlipKart and its services such as cash on delivery,now I am excited to say that India has its own iTunes like online music store.Flipkart has now started to sell "Legal" music online.All you need to do is make the payment and you will be able to download the MP3 songs directly from the Flipkart website without any hassles.

Here is a video by Amit Agarwal on Flipkart selling MP3 Songs -

Flipkart offers DRM Free music, which you can save to and listen on any computer or mobile devices.You also have the option of saving your music to your Dropbox account and then listening to it while you are browsing.

You have the option of buying either the whole albums or a single track, single tracks cost anywhere between Rs6 to Rs15.Flipkart allows you to download each bought track a maximum of 4 times, which can be useful if there was some problem with downloading when you tried it the first time.

Obviously, the Cash on Delivery Option is not available for this downloadable option, so you will have to pay online.
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