Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Facebook Photo Viewer: Get Back the Classic Version

Facebook New Photo Viewer

Facebook has now turned to Google+ for new ideas to enhance user experience, it has gone for a new look Photo Viewer.The New Photo Viewer can be seen in the picture above, having the comments and ads section right next to the photo which avoids users having to scroll down the page to look at the comments section of each photo.

Do not Like it? Want to go back to the Classic Version of Facebook Photo Viewer?
You can go back to the old way of seeing Facebook Photos, in a different page rather than on an overlay.You can do this in the following ways -
  • Go to the Address Bar and remove this part of the Address from the URL of the Photo - "&theater".
  • Hold the Control key on your keyboard while you are clicking on a photo to view it on a larger scale.
  • Just Refresh the page once you have opened the overlay version of the new Facebook Photo Viewer.
These are the three simple ways in which you can view photos on Facebook in the Classic way.
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