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e-Book Piracy Leads to Lesser Sales?

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A very interesting note on eBook piracy that has been much debated about in the website to which we have provided the link, talks about how a download may not actually affect whether a person buys the eBook or not.A very interesting topic that I felt all of you should read about.

You can read the whole story behind the excerpt published here at the link provided after the excerpt.I urge you to join in the debate on this controversial topic.Give your opinions on whether it is a good thing or a bad thing and whether it has any affect on the sales of a given e-Book.

Personally I am not a big fan of e-Books, but I do urge people to buy the e-books through proper means as an author would have put in days if not months of work to create an e-book of great value.

Should there be more compulsive laws against e-Book Piracy?

Just because you download, say, Freakonomics from one of the four download sites investigated by Attributor that publicly provide data on downloads (4shared.com, scribd.com, wattpad.com, and docstoc.com), does this necessarily mean you would otherwise have bought a legal copy of the book?

Attributor counted up 1,132 illegal downloads of Freakonomics -- but is each a lost sale? That conclusion doesn’t hold up, says Shatzkin. Some downloaders might read a few pages and decide to delete the file (the online equivalent of thumbing through a book in a store and putting it back on the shelf). Others might already own a print copy but wanted a digital copy too, at no additional cost. There are as many reasons to download as there are downloaders.Posted here.
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