Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Changes to Twitter Layout February 2012

Changes to Twitter Layout February 2012

Twitter seems to have updated its Layout yesterday, with a much cleaner but smaller looking layout.Some previously unwanted issues and bugs have been taken care of and now Twitter is back to 100% functionality after a brief stint of being "down" while these new changes were being implemented.

Twitter now boasts of two new buttons, the "Connect" which shows all your recent interactions on Twitter and the "Discover" which shows the latest news and also features a hash-tag searcher.

Twitter seems to have laterally reversed the layout, with the Twitter Feed now on the left and the rest of the options on the right side.On the right hand side you will also find a small but usable Tweet Box, where you get to type in your tweets.

Overall a good looking and much needed change to Twitter layout as it was stagnating when compared to Facebook which has been constantly in the news for its new features.
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