Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Camtasia Video Tutorials on iPad - Fast Track

Fast Track, a new Apple iPad Application released by TechSmith will be the only tool you will ever need to learn how to use Camtasia, and you can do this right on your iPad.

Camtasia iPad Video Tutorials

Whether you use Camtasia for video recording PowerPoint presentations or to simply screen capture, I am sure that you will find many an important lesson in this new App.This Camtasia tutorial app for iPad has many video tutorials as well as screen casts for your learning pleasure.If you are not a big fan of video tutorials, the app also gives you an option of reading the text version of the tutorials.

Advantages of Fast Track Camtasia Video Tutorials -

  1. No Internet connection required.
  2. Free.
  3. A-Z Complete information covered in the form of Video Tutorials.
You can also check out TechSmith YouTube Channel for more videos on Camtasia.

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