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Adobe Proto Review - Price 2012 - Tablet Application

Adobe Proto Review

Adobe Proto is a great tool for designing wireframes for your own website, the application was designed by the innovators at Adobe.Adobe Proto lets you create objects on your web page, objects such as video bar, image box, title box, paragraph box etc by using simple gestures.Creating wireframes has never been so simple, especially on a tablet.

Here I have made a list of easy to read features of the Adobe Proto.
  • Clean Interface.
  • Good Preview Mode.
  • Easy Gestures for different widgets.
  • No Layers Feature.
  • Integration with Creative Cloud Web-Server.
  • Easy Interface on Tablets.
  • Tool Bar ( For those who do not use gestures)
  • Easy Editing.
As mentioned above, the Adobe Proto uses gestures to create new boxes and widgets.Here are some of the gestures you may need to become familiar with, if you are going to use Adobe Proto-
  • Rectangle: it creates a box withing which you can add other elements.
  • X (Cross mark): Image box
  • Triangle: Video box
  • Horizontal Waves: Headline
  • Vertical waves: Paragraph
  • Dragging three/four fingers from - top down / left to right: gives you four vertical / horizontal navigation bars
  • Plus: For adding a table
  • Arrow: Breadcrumbs
Here is a Adobe Proto Video Review by Digit -

The Adobe Proto costs Rs494 in India, which would come up to about 10$ in the USA, a little high for an application, but it is totally worth it if you are into wireframes.
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