Tuesday, 14 February 2012

5 Perks Of Blogging

There are literally millions of articles out there teaching newbies how to Blog, but there aren't many articles that tell people why they should start blogging, so I felt I should explore this topic.With this post I also hope to induce more people to take up Blogging, be it as a profession or a hobby.

We use it a lot, but what Exactly is Blogging?

Blogging is the process of publishing one's opinion on a topic in the form of a Web Journal.In common words, it means you can say what you feel to the world, now isn't that a good thing? Expressing Yourself? This is one of the 5 perks you get as a Blogger, so lets hop into it and see what the 5 Perks of Blogging are -


There are enough people out there who are willing to spend a couple of minutes to read what you have to say, provided you are making sense and writing about a topic they want to read about.Blogging can be a great platform to voice your thoughts to a global audience, something you won't get at school, your neighborhood or even if you write in a local newspaper or magazine.Make use of the stage, perform.

Freedom of Expression

The Internet is your space, your blog is your home, you can say what you feel like.You have the freedom to express yourself.I can give you an example, right now in India, we are having this issue of the Lokpal Bill.Since this issue, there have sprung up a lot of bloggers who are expressing what they feel about the Bill, whether the Bill should be passed or not Etc.You can see the likes of Barkha Dutt expressing what they feel about the issue on National Television, but not all get this opportunity. But you are free to express through your Blog.

Growth through Discussion

If you are one of those who love to debate, who love to discuss the pros and cons of something, then Blogging is for you.By discussing with others you can learn 10 fold over what you know already.I have to tell you, this is the Perk I love the most.I love to interact with people through comments, blogging forums, cause some of those people know so much and it is just awesome to see what they have to say.I would suggest BlogEngage for this purpose.Through these discussions you can also make new online Friends who share the same passions as you do.


Sadly, many bloggers today get started in blogging only due to this perk.Don't get me wrong, this is a great perk, but it is not the only thing great about Blogging.Sure you can make a fortune by blogging if you work hard enough, but the non-materialistic gains are as good as the materialistic ones.Even the most money minded bloggers, after a certain point of monetary success, start to care more about the real aspects of blogging such as personal growth, providing quality and building a strong brand, which is our next Perk.

Building a Brand

Once you build some regular readers, you can start thinking about building a brand for yourself and for your Blog.You can create a huge Online Network and a circle of people who are waiting to read what you write.I feel this is one of the greatest perks of blogging.If you play your cards right, you will know how people like Chetan Bhagat feel, be it on a smaller scale. So jump on the bandwagon, cause you know blogging is here to stay.Get yourself started at either Blogger or WordPress.
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