Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Microsoft India Store Hacking - Credit Card Details May Have Leaked

Microsoft Hack

Earlier this month, Microsoft India store website came under attack from expert hackers, it is believed that the hackers not only defaced the website but also got hold of a list of credit card numbers and personal details of customers who had purchased from the Microsoft India Store.Microsoft is giving out this warning to their customers a little late, at-least that is what I feel.

The hacking took place on the 12th of February, when the high security of the Microsoft website was broken down by the Evil Shadow Team, who left the message - "Unsafe systems will be baptized."

Here is the list of potential compromises of information during the hacking -
  • Names
  • Phone Numbers
  • Addresses
  • User-names
  • Passwords
  • Credit Card Numbers
  • Previous consumer reports
Microsoft India has advised their customers to change their passwords to make sure that these hackers cannot access their account again.

Microsoft has now created a hotline number for members to call, for more information with how to deal with the issue: 1-800-102-1100.

Windows 8 Public Beta Released Today

Windows will release its latest edition of the operating software franchise, Windows 8, for public beta testing today, February 29/2012(Date subjective to which country you belong to) ahead of the Official Windows 8 release which is scheduled for the end of the year.This phase of beta testing by public will include partial versions of windows 8 being made available to the general public, so that they can test it and report any bugs or  problems with the OS to Microsoft.This phase will also allow enthusiasts to give feedback regarding any improvements in features of user interface.

What's New?
Here are some of the features of Windows 8 that are totally new -

  • ARM and x86 Hardware Versions
  • Alternate Metro UI
  • Touch-Friendly Apps

The Touch-Friendly Apps has been installed to enable more compatibility with touch based devices.This move has shown that Microsoft is serious about being a major player in the market of Tablets, something they do not have a strong foothold in, unlike the PC market.

All Android Version Names: 1.5 to 5.0

Android is a Linux-based operating system for mobile devices such as smartphones, multitasking phones and tablet computers such as the Galaxy Tab. It is developed by the Open Handset Alliance led by Google.Google bought over the initial developer Android Inc in 2005, to gain total control of the Android Franchise, today it is worth several hundred times what it was bought for.The Android franchise has a total of 9 versions, the names of which have been illustrated below -

Android 1.5 Cup Cake

Android 1.6 Donut

Android 2.0/2.1 Eclair

Android 2.2 Froyo

Android 2.3 Gingerbread

Android 3.0 Honeycomb

Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich

Android 5.0 Jelly Beans
So that was the list of all the Android Versions up to date, March 2012.The list includes All Android Version from 1.5 to 5.0.
The Idea for this Article was given by Nikhil Kothari.
Nikhil is an Engineering student from BMS College of Engineering.If you would like to submit your ideas or guest posts, please feel free to Write For Us.

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Adobe Proto Review - Price 2012 - Tablet Application

Adobe Proto Review

Adobe Proto is a great tool for designing wireframes for your own website, the application was designed by the innovators at Adobe.Adobe Proto lets you create objects on your web page, objects such as video bar, image box, title box, paragraph box etc by using simple gestures.Creating wireframes has never been so simple, especially on a tablet.

Here I have made a list of easy to read features of the Adobe Proto.
  • Clean Interface.
  • Good Preview Mode.
  • Easy Gestures for different widgets.
  • No Layers Feature.
  • Integration with Creative Cloud Web-Server.
  • Easy Interface on Tablets.
  • Tool Bar ( For those who do not use gestures)
  • Easy Editing.
As mentioned above, the Adobe Proto uses gestures to create new boxes and widgets.Here are some of the gestures you may need to become familiar with, if you are going to use Adobe Proto-
  • Rectangle: it creates a box withing which you can add other elements.
  • X (Cross mark): Image box
  • Triangle: Video box
  • Horizontal Waves: Headline
  • Vertical waves: Paragraph
  • Dragging three/four fingers from - top down / left to right: gives you four vertical / horizontal navigation bars
  • Plus: For adding a table
  • Arrow: Breadcrumbs
Here is a Adobe Proto Video Review by Digit -

The Adobe Proto costs Rs494 in India, which would come up to about 10$ in the USA, a little high for an application, but it is totally worth it if you are into wireframes.

Quad Core Battle: HTC One X Vs LG Optimus 4X HD

 HTC One X Vs LG Optimus 4X HD
The much awaited super fast, Quad Core smart phones were finally unveiled at the the MWC 2012, phone enthusiasts are licking their lips looking at the new quad core super phones.

The MWC 2012 saw two such amazing Quad Core processor phones, HTC One X and the LG Optimus 4X HD.Both are running on -

  • Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich
  • Nvidia’sTegra 3 Chipset
The HTC One X will be available in India from April 2012, the LG Optimus 4X HD has not yet got a release date in India.But it will surely be here sooner rather than later.

Here are the Features of HTC One X -
 HTC One X
  • SoC - Nvidia Tegra 3
  • Processor clock speed - 1.5 GHz
  • No. of cores - 4
  • RAM - 1 GB
  • Graphics - ULP GeForce
  • Display size - 4.7 inches
  • Display type - Super IPS LCD2 with Corning Gorilla Glass
  • Display resolution - 1280 x 720
  • Internal storage - 32GB
  • Card slots for memory - No. But has Dropbox integration, 25GB space free for 2 years, similar to Box for Android.
  • Camera - 8MP
  • Video recording - 1080p
  • Android version - Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich
  • Battery capacity - 1800 mAh

Here are the Features of LG Optimus 4X HD -
LG Optimus 4X HD
  • SoC - Nvidia Tegra 3
  • Processor clock speed - 1.5 GHz
  • No. of cores - 4
  • RAM - 1 GB
  • Graphics - ULP GeForce
  • Display size - 4.7 inches
  • Display type - HD- IPS LCD
  • Display resolution - 1280 x 720
  • Internal storage - 16GB
  • Card slots for memory - MicroSD
  • Camera - 8MP
  • Video recording - 1080p
  • Android version - Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich
  • Battery capacity - 2150 mAh
So this was the Quad-Core Smart Phone Comparison, stay tuned for more on HTC One X Vs LG Optimus 4X HD.

Monday, 27 February 2012

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Unveiled - Review Features and Price

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1
Samsung just unveiled the Galaxy Note 10.1, the latest of the Galaxy Tablets, powered by Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich operating software.The main attraction of the Galaxy Note 10.1 seems to be the S Pen Capacitive Stylus for the touch screen.Most of the features were still kept in the dark at the MWC 2012.The Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 will come with pre-installed Adobe Photoshop Touch, also a large amount of apps will be available from the Android Store.

As of now, we only know for sure that the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 will have the following features -

  • 1.4GHz dual-core processor
  • 3G (Feeble Compared to the 4G rumors of the iPad 3)
  • HSPA+ Connectivity
  • Adobe Photoshop Touch
  • S Pen Capacitive Stylus
The other attractive feature that will be on the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 is the multi-screen interface where you can take down notes while watching pictures or videos etc, something we saw on the Galaxy Note Smart Phone.

Samsung did not specify the actual release dates or did they give any idea about the price range of this new Tablet.

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Flipkart now Selling MP3 Songs On Download

Those who read this blog will know that I love FlipKart and its services such as cash on delivery,now I am excited to say that India has its own iTunes like online music store.Flipkart has now started to sell "Legal" music online.All you need to do is make the payment and you will be able to download the MP3 songs directly from the Flipkart website without any hassles.

Here is a video by Amit Agarwal on Flipkart selling MP3 Songs -

Flipkart offers DRM Free music, which you can save to and listen on any computer or mobile devices.You also have the option of saving your music to your Dropbox account and then listening to it while you are browsing.

You have the option of buying either the whole albums or a single track, single tracks cost anywhere between Rs6 to Rs15.Flipkart allows you to download each bought track a maximum of 4 times, which can be useful if there was some problem with downloading when you tried it the first time.

Obviously, the Cash on Delivery Option is not available for this downloadable option, so you will have to pay online.

iPad 3 Rumors - Features Price and Release Dates

iPad 3 rumors
iPad 3 is the one of the most awaited and talked about Apple releases in the recent times, but when is it actually going to be released?What are the features it may hold?What specs will be removed?What will be the price of the iPad 3?Well, to answer these questions, I researched a little bit and found the following.

There were rumors that the iPad 3 would be released in February 2012, now that we are almost nearing the end of the month, we can scratch that rumor off the list.Another rumor was that the iPad 3 would be released on Steve Jobs Birthday, but that did not happen as well.Now, Tech Gau is expecting a promo in March 2012( anywhere between 7th to 9th).Let us see what the iPad 3 may pack when it is shown off to the world.

Talks are about the new Apple iPad chip-set, about which very little in known to the general public, seems like it is a well kept secret.Another feature boost expected is the "Retina Display", but to get this Retina Display, Apple may have to compromise on the size of the screen, a 7-Inch Tablet would be perfect to incorporate Retina Display.

Wall Street Journal, in one of their rumor reports suggested that the iPad 3 would support 4G speeds and functionality.Till now all of Apple technologies have been limited to 3G.

I am also expecting a thicker tablet, due to the simple fact that the iPad 3 will possess a much better camera than its predecessor.A camera similar to the iPhone 4S can be expected.

The Price of the iPad 3 can only be estimated based on its features, so stay tuned.

Overall we are not likely to see drastic design changes in the iPad 3, it will look similar to the previous iPads.

Box For Android Offers 50GB Free Storage Till March 23rd

Box For Android Offers 50GB Free Storage
Box, an online Android Web Storage Application similar to Dropbox, now supports Android 1.6 to Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and is also available in these new languages - French, German, Spanish and Italian.

As with any new company, Box brings a very attractive introductory offer of free 50GB cloud sharing for those who register before March 23rd 2012.Surely a company must be very confident of its customer retention capacity if they are offering such a good initial offer.The standard free storage is only 5GB.

Box is no new comer to this field, having experience with Google Apps, NetSuite, and Salesforce integration and over 8 Million users across all their fields.So you can conclude that it is a trust-able enterprise.

Here is what Matt Self had to say about the new launch -

Android matters to us because we bring Box to whatever devices are showing up in the enterprise. We're not tied to any particular platform.

Samsung Unveils 10.1 Inch Galaxy Tablet 2

Samsung Unveils 10.1 Inch Galaxy Tablet
Samsung is finally coming up with something new in terms of the Galaxy Tablet, which needed something fresh.It has unveiled two new variants of the Galaxy Tab, a 7.0 Inch and a 10.1 Inch Tablet.The 7 Inch model sports a 1024×600 pixel screen, while the 10.1 Inch variant features a 1280×800 resolution screen, which makes for a great viewing experience.The two tablets have some identical features -
  • 1 GHz dual-core CPU
  • 1 GB of RAM
  • 3-megapixel Rear Camera
  • VGA Front Camera
  • 3G (HSPA)
  • WiFi
  • Android 4.0 - Ice Cream Sandwich
The Tablets will hit the stores in March of 2012, starting in the United Kingdom, the prices have not yet been released by Samsung.

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BSNL Tablets Review - Price and Features to Rival Aakash Tablet

BSNL has come out with three new Tablets, with the help of the Nokia Sister Company Pantel.One of these new tablets is meant to be a rival to the Aakash Tablets, being priced in a similar range of less than 100$.Here are the three BSNL Tablets -
  1. Panta Tpad IS 701r
  2. Penta TPAD WS704C
  3. Penta Tpad WS802C

Panta Tpad IS 701r:
Panta Tpad IS 701r

Panta Tpad IS 701r is the lowest version of the BSNL Tablets series which it recently launched as a rival to the Aakash Tablets.The Panta Tpad IS 701r costs only Rs.3250 (INR).The Tablet has been made by the Nokia Sister Company Pantel.The features of the Panta Tpad IS 701r are nothing great, but they are worth it when you consider that they cost much less than 100$.

  • 7-inch resistive touch screen (800 x 600 pixels)
  • Tablet runs on Android OS v2.3 aka Gingerbread
  • 1 GHz processor and 256MB DDR2 RAM.
  • Supports Android Market
  • Home, Options and Back Buttons
  • Capable of playing 720p video format.
  • Wi-Fi
  • Front Facing camera - 0.3 MP
  • Supports Flash
  • 2 GB internal storage capacity, expandable up to 32 GB
  • 3000 mAh battery
Penta TPAD WS704C:
Penta TPAD WS704C

Penta TPAD WS704C is the mid range tablet from BSNL that costs about Rs.10999 (INR).This tablet is not in competition with the Aakash Tablet, it is targeted towards a higher range.BSNL probably wants to sway people into buying this Tablet instead of a Smart Phone of a similar price.

  • 7-inch resistive touch screen (800 x 600 pixels)
  • Tablet runs on Android OS v2.3 aka Gingerbread
  • 1 GHz processor and 512MB DDR2 RAM.
  • Supports Android Market
  • Home, Options and Back Buttons
  • Capable of playing 720p video format.
  • Wi-Fi
  • Front Facing camera - 0.3 MP
  • Rear Camera - 2MP
  • Supports Flash
  • 2 GB internal storage capacity, expandable up to 32 GB
  • 3000 mAh battery
  • Bluetooth
Penta Tpad WS802C:
Penta Tpad WS802C

This is the costliest model of the three BSNL Tablets, priced at Rs.13499 (INR).This tablet has the best features of the three tablets, as the price would suggest, let us take a look at its features -

  • 8-inch Capacitive touch screen.
  • Tablet runs on Android OS v2.3 aka Gingerbread
  • 1.2 GHz processor and 512MB DDR3 RAM.
  • Supports Android Market
  • Home, Options and Back Buttons
  • Capable of playing 720p video format.
  • Wi-Fi
  • Front Facing camera - 0.3 MP
  • Rear Camera - 2MP
  • Supports Flash
  • 4 GB internal storage capacity, expandable up to 32 GB
  • 3000 mAh battery
  • Bluetooth
So these are the three new tablets released by BSNL in 2012.BSNL is also offering a 3-month free internet data download to sway more people into choosing the BSNL Tablets.

Is Your Google Page Rank Reducing?

I have seen many webmasters complaining that they have lost a part or whole of their Google Page Rank over time, although they have followed all the guidelines Google has given for webmasters to follow while constructing and maintaining a website.

This can happen because, some or all of the websites, blogs etc which were linking to you have now been closed, which means you lose those links which they were giving.When you lose these links, your page rank is bound to go down.

The solution for this would be to try to gather new backlinks, that are similar to those you have lost, hence regaining your old Google Page Rank.

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Settings for High Quality Videos on YouTube

When you upload a video to YouTube, you cannot always expect to get the same quality with which the video was recorded, this is due to the fact the YouTube re-sizes, converts and tweaks your videos to a certain format so that the YouTube Player can play it seamlessly.

But if you upload certain formats and sizes of videos, you can keep the 100% original quality with which the videos were shot.Here are those specifications for High Quality Videos on YouTube -
  • MPEG4 (Divx, Xvid) format
  • 320×240 resolution (YouTube converts a 320×240 clip into 425×320)
  • MP3 audio
  • 30 frames per second
Your Video Should Have a Quality Like a professional video like the one shown below, if your camera is HD and shoots well.

Check If Your Website Opens in All Countries

Your website maybe opening just fine for you, but it may not be opening properly for people visiting from other countries.Now there is a tool, which can help you check if your website correctly opens in all the countries from around the world, including China.Some countries may have blocked your site as it may not meet their internet guidelines, profess against their customs or condemn their country.

All you need to do is enter your website name or your website IP, the free service will automatically show you the results for website access from different countries around the world.

Position Windows On Desktop Using Keyboard

Using arrow keys to position a window on your desktop is much more accurate than using your mouse, as you can control small movements of 11px for each keyboard click.

Here is how you can position a window on your desktop using the keyboard arrow keys for greater accuracy in the placement of the window.This is a quick Tech Tip.

When the window you want to move is in the foreground, press Alt +Spacebar, then press M.Now you can move your window without using the mouse, that is by using only the keyboard arrows.You can use the Enter key to place the window in a certain place or use the Escape key to go back to the original position.

Friday, 24 February 2012

Is Blog Commenting Worth It?

Blog Commenting is a wide spread practice that has been believed as a good way to gain backlinks, especially from Dofollow websites.Many websites convert their comments section (or pretend to) to increase the number of people commenting and visiting the site again and again.This process works well if you have a good Google Page Rank.

Today I will try to put forward some of the things I have learnt about Blog Commenting.

Is Blog Commenting Worth It?
Blog Commenting is definitely worth it.Here are a few ways in which you can benefit form Blog Commenting -

  • Dofollow back links to your website with your choice of anchor text keywords, from commentluv enabled websites.
  • Traffic from the links you post along with your comments, this can increase if your comments are meaningful and insightful.You will barely get any traffic from comments such as "Great Post" or "Your Blog is Awesome".
  • Increases your presence online, you can build new friendships and become more and more popular as a brand by commenting more and commenting well.
  • Increase your knowledge on that particular niche, which you could use to improve your own blog or website.
  • You will get opinions of different people from around the world and hence it will help you grow as a person.

So get out there and start commenting on blogs, starting discussions and learning more!

What is Google Page Rank?

Google Page Rank is a comparative tool to measure the significance and importance of a web page in the world of internet.Google Page Rank was originally developed by Larry Page, the co-owner of Google but it has received a lot of tweaks and the algorithm has changed over the years.Like most of Google's algorithms, even the Page Rank Algo is a well kept secret.

What is the Use of Google Page Rank?
Google Page Rank can be used to see if a page has authority over its contents, higher the page rank, higher is the quality and authority of that particular web page.A page rank of 5 would mean that a web page has a strong hold over the contents present in it, while a page rank of 2 would mean it is just a mediocre source of information.

How is Page Rank Calculated?
In this context, we can only guess the factors that make up the Google Page Rank.But it is commonly known that the most important factor of Google Page Rank is links from other related websites, higher the page rank of the web pages that link to you, higher your page rank will be, similarly, more the number of web pages that link to you, more will be your page rank.

Some of the other factors which may affect the Google Page Rank are -

Will Higher Page Rank Ensure Better Search Results?
A higher Google Page Rank will definitely help you in getting crawled and indexed faster, but it does not always mean that higher the page rank, better will be your search results.There are a lot more things that go into deciding which pages get higher ranking in search engines.A high Google Page Rank is definitely helpful but it is not the almighty deciding factor.

When Will I Get a Page Rank?
Google updates Page Rank on a real time basis but we webmasters only get to see the changes once in two or three months, when Google decides to publicly update the Google Page Rank.So once you get a page rank, you wont see any change for a couple of months.

This is everything you will need to know about the Google Page Rank.Recommended Read - Google Above the Fold Algo.

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Samsung Shows Off Flexible AMOLED Screen

Samsung Shows Off Flexible AMOLED Screen

Samsung came out with the Flexible AMOLED screens at the recently concluded CES.Samsung is one of the first companies to have this technology of a flexible AMOLED screen, for which it is rumored that they have invested millions of dollars in.It is not yet a commercially available product, but it is expected to hit the markets sooner rather than later, especially given that Samsung has invested so much in the development of this new technology.

Blogger Custom Domain 301 Redirect Information

Blogger Custom Domain 301 Redirect Information
Many of you Bloggers may be wanting to get your own custom domain name, but you may be scared about the changes that would come about in terms of SEO, Blog rankings, Alexa Rank, Google Page Rank, Backlinks and brand reputation.Well, here I would like to clear some of these clouds with respect to moving to a custom domain using Blogger.

  • Traffic will not drop once you redirect to a custom domain using the options provided in Blogger Settings.
  • Using 301 Re-Direct (Normal Blogger Re-Direct) will retain 60 to 90% of the original Google page rank your blog had.But you may have to wait for the next Page Rank update before you can see this on your new domain.
  • SEO will not be affected much, you should start Blog commenting and guest writing using your new domain links quickly.
  • Alexa Rank will be lost completely, you will be starting afresh.
  • Most of the backlinks will be retained as Blogger uses 301 Permanent R-Direct, which is a Search Engine friendly type of re-direction.
  • Brand Reputation will not be harmed much unless you do not tell your regular readers about the changes you have made to the blog name and domain. 
I wanted to share some of these experiences with other bloggers as I was looking for this kind of information while I was considering moving to a custom domain after all Blogger blogs got country specific redirection.

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

PDF Format? Sorry, Its Wrong!

Can you tell me what is wrong with the following Tech Phrases?

  • PDF Format
  • XML Language
  • SMS Service
  • ATM Machine
  • HTTP Protocol

Here is a Picture from Geek and Poke to illustrate what is wrong with the above statements.

PDF Format is wrong
Even the Official Adobe site uses "PDF Format", which is a pretty basic mistake to be committed by such a big organization.

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Forget Computer/Laptop Password? Remove It!

It so happens that more people forget passwords to their computers than the number of accidents that occur daily in the world.Is there a way to get back this lost password? Can you Remove the Password?Yes, just follow these easy steps and you should be able to access your computer again.
  • Restart Your PC.
  • Press F5 to enter Setup.
  • Select the Safe Mode of Operation.
  • Select Administrator Mode.
  • Go to User Account (User A/C).
  • Use the Remove Password Option.

You should now be able to use your computer again, make sure that you write down your computer/laptop password somewhere safe so that you will not be in this predicament again.

Make sure you read all our How-To Articles.
The Idea for this Article was given by Nikhil Kothari.
Nikhil is an Engineering student from BMS College of Engineering.If you would like to submit your ideas or guest posts, please feel free to Write For Us.

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Google+ Vs Facebook - Funny Pictures 2012

Here are a series of funny pictures with the central theme being Google+ Vs Facebook.I found most of these pictures amusing and at the same time informative as well.Lets get straight into them -

Here you can see a Plea from Mark Zuckerberg to Google+
Facebook Vs Google Plus Funny

Here you can see Google+ carrying the Facebook Coffin

Facebook Vs Google Plus Funny 2

Here Google+ has been depicted as the end point of Social Network Evolution 

Facebook Vs Google Plus Funny 3

Google+ Angry Birds destroying other Social Networks

Facebook Vs Google Plus Funny 4

Here we can see the Time taken by the Social Networks to reach 10 million users

Time for 10 million users

Stay tuned for more funny Tech Pics.

Most Common Places Where People Lose Cell Phones

The above Infographic depicts the most common places where one is most likely to lose a cell phone, as you can see Public Transport systems have made the list their own.The surprising thing is that most people lose their cell phones in the Swimming Pool.

The Infographic also depicts the chance of recovery in each case. Source.

The Problem with URL Shortening Services

URL Shortening is an important tool to reduce the length of long URL's to short URL's that span only a few characters.Shortened URL's are being used extensively on Twitter, Blogs, Amazon Associates Etc.But there is an inherent problem with with these URL Shortening Services due to the reason that so many of them are coming up each and everyday.Let me explain further.

Problem with URL Shortening Services

Due to the fact that so many of these URL shortening services are coming up everyday, there is a surplus of such services.If you use some of these services to shorten your URL's, you are fine as long as these services are up and running, but some them will go under due to the competition and hence will have to close down.So when one such URL Shortening service closes down, all the URL's that have been shortened using that service will lead to 404 Error pages, which is not good for SEO or if you have linked to Products and Affiliates.

So I advice to use only very reputable and well settled URL Shortening services so that you avoid these problems.

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Windows Theme For Angry Birds Fans

Windows Theme For Angry Birds

If you are a big fan of Angry Birds, then you must get this new Windows Angry Birds Theme for your PC.The Theme comes with 6 desktop wallpapers of high resolution as well as a host of sound effects and mouse cursor effects to go with the wallpapers of birds and pigs.

When you switch off your computer you can hear the Angry Birds being as angry as ever and when you receive a new E-Mail, you can hear the lowly grunts of the dumb pigs.

So if you are an Angry Birds Fan, then you must get this theme.This theme works only on Windows 7, although I am working on a hack to make it available for both Windows Vista as well as the XP version.

Importance Of Proper Attribution of Content

When you own a website and you have used information from somewhere else, you need to attribute the information to the source you get it from, this is very important as it gives credit to those who provided the information and is the ethical thing to do.

A recent event showcased how a NYT Blogger was fired as he copied content from Wall Street Journal without any proper attribution.

Here are the thoughts of a few experts in the field -

Felix Salmon -

The problem, here, is that the bloggers at places like the NYT and the WSJ are print reporters, and aren’t really bloggers at heart.. It’s almost as though they think that linking to a story elsewhere is an admission of defeat, rather than a prime reason why people visit blogs in the first place.

Tom Foremski -

When I became a journalist/blogger more than five years ago, I loved the fact that I could quote directly from many news sources and then add my contribution to the story.. This embarrassment wouldn’t have been an embarrassment if its reporters were allowed to do the decent thing and attribute and link back.

Don't Want To Show Ads to Your Regular Readers?

While running a website, there are few things more important than giving a good user experience, especially to those who regularly visit your blog and check out its new content.One of the ways of making visiting your site a better experience is to remove the ads.Obviously you can never remove the ads completely as that would cut your profits and then you may not be able to finance the website.But you can make sure that your regular readers have that experience of no ads.

no adsDon't Want To Show Ads to Your Regular Readers?
There is one easy way to make sure that most of your regular readers do not see ads and that is to prevent your ads appearing on new posts for at-least two days.You can enable ads again after the first two days.This will give enough time for all your regular readers to go through your content without any ads.Later on you can enable the ads again so that you are able to monetize your content, for those viewers that come by not so often.

Is Google a Boy or a Girl?

I came across this funny picture on Facebook today and wanted to share it with you, the question on the photo was "Is Google a Boy Or a Girl?".

The answer was pretty good, "Of-course its's a Girl!! Cause it won't let you complete your sentence and starts suggesting and guessing on its own".

Here is the picture -

Pictorial View of People With Most Twitter Followers

Here is a pictorial view of the people with the most Twitter Followers, as you can see the list is made up of American Celebrities only, this is due to the fact that most Twitter users are from USA.You can also find a pattern that most of these people are pop stars or musicians, showing that the entertainment business rules the roost on Twitter.

This Image was from Bing Visual Search which has now been stopped due to unknown reasons.

Friday, 17 February 2012

Save the New G-Mail Ads

Google Adsense Ads are everywhere, now you can also find them in your G-Mail Inbox, with new custom styles for the ads as seen in the image, first spotted here.

The small box in the upper right hand corner, which has a thumbnail image in it, was all that appeared alongside the original email. The text advertises an upcoming movie, “One Day”. Clicking on the box opened the larger image inside an email. At the top left (not shown here) the user is given three options: Save to Inbox, Forward and Dismiss.
G-Mail provides you with the option of saving these ads that appear in the sidebar of your inbox for future use, say for a coupon or a discount or just a link to a website you found through the Adsense Ads.If you dismiss an ad however, it will never appear again.So use this tool wisely to make sure that you have the right kind of ads at G-Mail.

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Your Tech Stuff are Dirty, Beware!

Here is a wonderful Infographic with the help of which we can see how dirty your everyday Tech Stuff are, starting from your elevator buttons, Mobiles, TV Remote Controls etc.

The dirtiest and most germ infected gadget is the TV Remote controls found in Hotels, which are used by thousands of people, but are never cleaned even once.

You can prevent any harm from these germs with the help of disinfectants, alcohol solution or by washing your hands often, especially after using Tech Stuff. Source.

Google Search By Image Explained

This year, Google Search has got an exciting new feature, Google Search By Image.There are several ways by which you can use this new tool from Google, here I will explain all of them to you -

Drag And Drop

Just drag and drop an image from the web or your computer into the search box on to find related Images from the web.

This feature allows you to search for related images using a single image that you need to drag and drop on the Google Images site, the link to which has been provided above.

This method of searching related images beats the browsing option anytime.

Upload an Image

On, click the camera icon, then select “Upload an image.” Select the image you want to use to start your search.

This option will help you search for related images.All you need to do is upload an image and you will instantly get related images.

This option may take a little longer than the Drag and Drop option which we talked about above.

Copy and paste the URL for an image

Found an image on the web you’re curious about? Right-click the image to copy the URL. On, click the camera icon, and “Paste image URL”.

You should see related images instantly.

This method is much faster than any of the two methods above stated.

Right-click an image on the web

To search by image even faster,download the Chrome extension or the Firefox extension. With the extension installed, simply right-click an image on the web to search Google with that image.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and use the Google Search By Image and see what it has to hold for yourself!

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