Tuesday, 3 January 2012

The Zen of Steve Jobs Comic Book Preview and Review and Images

Steve Jobs Zen Comics 2011 2012

The Zen of Steve Jobs is a new comic book about the life and experiences of Steve Jobs after he was fired from the Apple corporation he helped to build.The Comic book also deals with the real life story of the Steve Jobs - Kobun Chino friendship, Kobun Chino was the Buddhist Monk who was the spiritual Guru of Steve Jobs, Steve had often been visiting Kobun Chino for guidance.

Steve Jobs 2011 2012 Comic

The Zen of Steve Jobs features a combination of fact and fiction based on fact to enthrall the comic enthusiasts, but if you want the absolute truth about the life of Steve Jobs, then you should probably read his Biography by Walter Isaacson, which was based on the real life interviews he had with Steve Jobs over the past few decades.

The Comic Book Illustrations and Sketches were done by Jess3, they have also made a demo of the Comic available at their website, you can read the "The Zen of Steve Jobs" demo Here.

The comic is also partnered by Forbes.You can pick up your Official Copy of the Comic Here at 48% discount.We have also brought you a video about the The Zen of Steve Jobs Comic.

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