Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Wow This New Blog is Indexing Super Fast - Geeks and Nerds Online

Geeks and Nerds Online is the new Internet Themed Blog I started and within 5 Days I have seen great improvements in my blog, already Instant Indexing is a feature of this blog, I just posted this article on How to Remove the Chat feature from G-mail, and this post was instantly indexed within few seconds (I believe). I checked it after 5 Minutes of visiting the Loo (Joke!), and it was there in Google Search.I am really happy to see my hard work beginning to bear fruits.See the Picture for Proof, see the timing of the index.

Blog Website Instant Index

Now why I posted this was, to let people know that Instant Indexing for a new blog is definitely possible if your content is really good and your Blog is well constructed and designed.If you would like help with indexing your blog, please contact me.

Also if you guys leave a comment in the Facebook Comments below, with a Link back to your blog, it may get indexed very fast too, as nowadays Google has begun to Index Facebook Comments too.But leaving a link in the Facebook comments is the tough part isn't it? Do not worry I will write a detailed post on that soon in Facebook Tricks part of this Blog.

Best of Luck Blogging! Also check out our Blogger Tricks
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