Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Why you should Move from WordPress Blog to .com or .org

WordPress is a great platform for new bloggers, it is easy to use, no great knowledge of HTML or CSS required, easy posting, free Etc.But once you get to a certain point in your popularity, you will want to grow your blog out of the limits of the MyBlog.WordPress.com sub-domain.Here are some reasons why you should shift to a .com .org or .net, your own custom domain-

Transfer WordPress Blog to .com .org .net custom Domain

  1. WordPress Sub-Domains have a select few templates that you can use, unlike blogger, there are not many ways to use custom templates or themes in WordPress.But with your own domain, you can choose whatever the theme you want and quickly install it using the WordPress Site Builder software, which is compatible with any major Hosting service, such as HostGator.
  2. Once you shift to your own custom domain, you can finally place Ads such as Google Adsense on your site and start earning revenue from the popularity of your blog.
  3. With the help of WordPress Plug-Ins, you can invite users to write for your blog and also you can have a revenue sharing system which works automatically, where in it places Ads of a certain person on his own articles, this revenue sharing feature is at the moment only for Google Adsense.
  4. You can alter the commenting system in your new Website built with the help of WordPress Site Builder if you did not like the commenting system.You can add CommentLuv, Facebook Comments as we at Geeks & Nerds use, Disqus Comments or even Intense Debate Comment system
  5. MyBlog.com or MyBlog.net looks 10 times more professional than MyBlog.WordPress.com.
So ready to get started? First you will need to buy a Web Hosting to have your own Custom Domain - 
Change WordPress Blog to .Com

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