Sunday, 29 January 2012

What is Modding/Chipped PS2 (Play Station)?

A Play Station 2 has features which enable it to play only Original DVD's of games or movies, which means you cannot play DVD's that you have made a copy of.Many people prefer to make a copy of the original so that they do not damage the original piece while using it.But with a PS2, you will not be able to play these back up discs, the reader just does not recognize these kind of discs.

Here comes the part of Modding or Chipped PS2.

Modding/Chipped PS2 is a method of making these back up discs playable on your PS2.The manufactured Play Stations do not come with an option to be chipped or modded, but you can do it yourself.

This process of Modding a PS2 can also be useful to play Play Station Games that you or your friends have created, that is it can be useful to play custom Play Station Games too.

I really feel that Sony should keep an option to Mod the PS2 as well as the PS3 so that we can all back up our originals for safety as well as play custom created Play Station games.
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