Tuesday, 31 January 2012

What is Flipkart Wallet feature?

Flipkart Wallet

Flipkart has introduced a new feature called the "Wallet".This is just like an online wallet that you would own.In this new Flipkart feature you are required to input some money as a "Prepaid Balance" like how you would do on your Mobile Phones and then you can use this money in the future to make any payments on orders to Flipkart.

Flipkart Wallet new Feature

Who should use this feature?
Those people who regularly buy from Flipkart can use this tool to its full potential.If you are a one-time buyer or you rarely buy items from Flipkart, then you probably would not want to use this feature.

If you buy regularly from Flipkart, this can save you time since you only need to make a payment once and you can keep using it till it runs out.

What is the use of this feature for Flipkart?
Once you put in some money, you are restricted to buy from Flipkart, this loyalty that the Wallet brings is important to e-commerce sites.

Flipkart probably also uses this money as an investment, perhaps?Well the jury is out on that.

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