Monday, 16 January 2012

Watch YouTube Play-lists Continuously on iPad

Apple iPad YouTube PlaylistThe Official YouTube application for iPad does not support the feature of playing videos continuously, or in other words playing a playlist.The YouTube mobile site also does not support this feature, we are yet not sure why YouTube has not enabled this feature on iPad yet.But if you are a video junkie who loves to watch videos seamlessly and do not want to manually click on the next video to start, then you can this very useful app for iPad that allows you to watch YouTube videos continuously without having to do any manual shifting of videos.The great thing is that it is a free application, so you can just download and stat using it.This application can also be used on an Apple iPhone.

All you need to do is type in your username or some other users username and it will get you all the videos in the public playlist as well as the favorites list so that you can watch them without interruption.The private playlist of any user will not be available, not even your own private playlist will be available as the application does is not capable of connecting to your YouTube-Google Account.Hence you will need to be satisfied with just the Public Playlist whilst using this application.

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