Sunday, 22 January 2012

Twitter Aggressive Following/Follower Churning - What is it?

Twitter Aggressive Following/Follower Churning

Twitter is one of the most popular Social Networking sites which we all use, now one day we would not want to wake up and see that we have been banned from Twitter or that our account has been blocked.Yes this can happen, if you follow practices such as Twitter Aggressive Following and Follower Churning.These terms basically mean that if you follow a large number of people in a short span of time and again un-follow them in a short span of time, you could get banned from Twitter.

Why Twitter Aggressive Following/Follower Churning is wrong?

  • Twitter takes these drastic steps of banning people who do these stuff due to Bandwidth limitations Etc, If you go on Twitter and just keep following thousands of people one day and then un-follow them the next day, it causes a wastage of Bandwidth, which means wastage of money to twitter.
  • Secondly it causes a bad user experience to other people who are actually on Twitter for useful reasons.Twitter does not like it if you create a bad experience for others as this may reduce the number of users who log in everyday to their Website.

Do not worry if you are shifting through a daily 30 or 40 Follows and Un-Follows, but do not over do it, like hundreds or thousands of follows and un-follows either manually or by using Scripts or Bots.

Hence try not to get involved in such practices as surely you will get the Twitter Boot.
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