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Top 5 Best Customized Blogger Blogs

Blogger Blogs are known for their simplicity and ease of use, but there are extremely limited options for bloggers to customize their blogs without knowing much about HTML and CSS.So it takes some skill and a lot of work to customize Blogger Blogs to meet your specifications.Of course you get a lot of Blogger Templates, but they need a lot of work before they become usable, and if you are doing it for the first time, custom templates can be a real headache and it may look like its an impossible task.But after a few tries you can start getting the of HTML and CSS customization.These are some of the blogs that are hosted on Blogspot platform, but have been customized to a great extent -

1) Labnol - The Blog: One the blogger blogs that started the blogger customization era, the blogger blog is currently not being updated as it has moved to a custom domain.But you can still see some pages in the Google search as well as the Homepage which is pretty awesome if you ask me.The Blog was previously designed very differently, with a standard looking blogger template, but was re-designed to look like the custom domain to maintain the brand consistency.The Blog also has its own customized search and internal traffic distribution systems.One of the best features of this blog is the Footer, which is very simple, attractive and effective.

Labnol Customized Blogger Blog

2)Widgets for Free: A Blogger widgets specialist blog, which has been well modified over a template which was designed by TheBlogTemplates.The Theme has some good features, like a custom banner(Not the header) above the magazine style layout.Overall a very simple and concise theme which feels good when a user enters the blog.I also have to say the comments section is pretty good too, looking at the number of comments each post gets.

Widgets for Free Customized Blogger Blog

Widgets Customized Blogger Blog

 3)Geeks and Nerds Online: Well, this is my own blog, I hope you do not think I am trying to publicize or anything, but I feel this blog is more than just deserving to be in the top 5, I actually feel it needs to be further up the ladder.Let me get in to the features of this blog - Customized featured post slider with thumbnails in the sidebar, a Labnol style recommended posts space in the homepage along with a magazine style outlook.Customized search and customized image mapped  banners for each and every topic as well as integrated Facebook Comments, self designed Facebook Like Box, Favicon as well as a Floating share options for each post.Here are some of the images-

Geeks and Nerds Customized Blogger Blog
Geeks Nerds Customized Blogger Blog

4)Official Google Blog: This may seem like a standard Blogger Blog template and theme but it is not.You do not get this template anywhere, unless you are good enough to recreate one which looks like it.The official Google Blog uses a template that is very simple and also uses all the standard blogger features such as the Blogger Favicon, the Blogger menu bar on top, obviously they have to use them as they have designed blogger themselves, so they do not really have the option of removing these features.You can get similar white templates but you will not get the same.

Google Blog Customized Blogger Blog

5)Tech Drag Info: Another well structured and designed Blogger Blog which rounds up my top 5 best customized blogger or blog-spot blogs.I really like the header here with integrated Social Networking buttons right in the header itself! As you can see the header image has probably been designed using Image Mapping, or linking different parts of an image to different links.This kind of Image Mapping is usually used to make YouTube Banners but in this case it has been used to make the header for this blog.The Magazine style seems to be a common feature for most of the blogs on this list.

Tech Drag Info Customized Blogger Blog

Customizing Blogger Templates can be a lot of fun and when they work properly they will give a lot of satisfaction, but always remember to back up your templates before customization, to avoid any mishaps.

If you guys need any tips on any customization to the blogger templates, then please feel free to contact me  through my Contact Page.

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