Thursday, 12 January 2012

Three Alien Planets Smaller than Earth Discovered, Life?

Just yesterday the NASA scientists and astronomers have discovered three Alien Planets(Not in our Solar System) that are smaller in size than Earth, these three dwarf planets are orbiting a dwarf star, much smaller in size than the Sun.

Three Alien Planets Discovered Life
                                                                            [Photo Thanks to Nasa]

These three planets which are currently orbiting the star KOI-961, are 0.78, 0.73 and 0.57 times the size of Earth in terms of diameter, so they are much smaller in volume than Earth.

These three planets have been declared "too close" to their star KOI-961, to be able to sustain life, at least human-type life.Other Living things which may have adapted to the conditions may be existing there, further analysis of the atmosphere is needed to conclusively say that life cannot exist in these planets.

It’s almost like you took a shrink gun and zapped a planetary system, the whole thing, including the sun. Said John Johnson of California Institute of Technology to

These are the kind of news that come every so often and ignite the spark about Alien Life, but always this ends up in disappointment for the Extraterrestrial Life - Enthusiasts. 

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