Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Tata Photon Plus 32Kbps Speed Explanation

I wanted to help Tata Photon+ users understand when and why they would get only 32kbps speed through their USB Internet connection.Most of you might be wondering why your Tata Photon+ speeds have dropped like a ball of lead, I hope this article gives you all the information you need.

Tata Photon 32kbpsI had called up the Tata Photon+ customer service a couple of days back complaining about the extremely slow speeds that I was getting, .At first I spoke to one of the call center workers, I told them that it took 5 minutes to load some pretty basic websites.I was told to perform some trouble shooting using the "Run" command in my start menu.After I found no change in the internet connection, I called them back again and this time some other call center worker picked up and told me that I had exceeded 40% over the Usage in which I was getting 3.1 Mbps.That is if I had 5GB Usage at 3.1Mbps, after that I would get 155Kbps till 7GB, after that my speed would drop to 32Kbps.I asked them how they could change the plan for current users, who had originally purchased the plan and the datacard based on those earlier speeds.For that the person just told me to send an E-mail to customer service asking about it.I was already talking to customer service, but now they wanted me to E-Mail Customer Service again?

So that is the scenario folks, I feel the Tata Photon will lose some customers because of this new change of plan.

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