Friday, 13 January 2012

Sprint out with LTE - End Of WiMax?

Sprint LTE WiMax 4G Phones
Sprint has rolled out with the LTE in a few areas in USA, it looks as though this may be just a testing phase of the LTE as they have released it only in some areas, but the telecom experts say that is not the case.The real confusion that has arisen is to do with the already existing 4G Connection called WiMax, it does not make sense to have two 4G Technologies running at the same time in the same areas.Even AT&T seems to be doing the same thing by running LTE alongside HSPA+ which are both 4G Technology Connections.This creates a lot of spectrum waste.This move seems to be justified by Sprint as a competitive business move as the current WiMax users want to use LTE and due to this pressure, Sprint seems to have come out with LTE.

According to Mashable -
According to my source, officially, Sprint is still committed to WiMax, but is getting pressure from consumers who are gravitating to “LTE” rather than “4G” due to successes in marketing from other carriers. To combat that (and for other undisclosed reasons) Sprint is rolling out LTE as well.

Looks like LTE will slowly start spreading the areas under which it operates and the expansion of WiMax will slow down and ultimately LTE will replace WiMax, but not anytime soon, may be in a few years.

Current WiMax users need not worry that they will have to fall back to the 3G speeds of Internet, WiMax will not shutdown for a while, when it does, you will probably want a newer phone and then you can get one compatible with the 4G of LTE.

Sprint is also not expected to release WiMax+LTE Phones anytime soon.
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