Friday, 13 January 2012

Parents Check Kids Facebook Page and have their Passwords

Do you think your parents check your Facebook page? do you think they cyber stalk your every move to keep yo inline? Then you are not alone, a study conducted by Lab42 seems to show that parents keep an eagle's eye on their kids Facebook page and 43% of them read all the posts, status updates everyday.

This survey lead to some interesting and for some shocking results, with over 92% of Parents being friends with their kids on Facebook and checking out everything in their profile.When asked, 40% of the Parents say that they want make sure that their children are safe and hence they do it, other parents though, say that they only do it out of curiosity(15%).Some of the other top reasons for Facebook Stalking are - Checking if it is interrupting their regular studies, homework.Parents also seem to be very worried about Bullying and being Bullied on Facebook as well as the chances of meeting unwanted strangers online.

The most shocking detail is that over 72% of these Parents have their kids Facebook Password and can access even personal messages and chat with friends in their kids names.

The survey also tells us that 55% of the time, the parents are the ones that send the Friend Requests, rather than receive them.

But the good thing is, it seems that the Kids are not different and they too keep an eye on their parents Facebook pages, over 50% of them posting on their parents wall and commenting on their parents photo often.

Here is the Info-graphic provided by Lab42.

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