Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Make your own Twitter Infograph with the help of Tweetsheet

Tweetsheet Infograpgh Twitter

Now you can make your own customized Infograph of your Twitter Stats and post it online easily with the help of this new application for Twitter called, Tweetsheet, well it is actually a website that requires you to only sign in to your Twitter Account to give you an awesome Tweetsheet Infograph such as the one above.

The Infograph takes into account your last 3200 Tweets and makes a statistics page with a lot of illustrations as shown above.All you need to do is log into to TweetSheet and Grant access to your Twitter account as you would with any other application and you are done. You will immediately get your TweetSheet Infograph.

But you still do not know the coolest part, you can play an "Angry Birds" kind of game with a Twitter Bird and the Rectangular Bars of your Stat sheet as the targets, right on the website itself.You even get scores for your play and you can compare it with the Highest Scores too.
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