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Make Money by writing How-To Articles Online

Make Money from How-To articles online

If you are really good at writing How-To articles on just about anything, then you have the potential to make money online by writing How-To Articles.There are several different ways you can make money online by writing How-To Articles, here I have listed some of these no-investment methods-

Your own Blog/Website
You can write your own How-To Articles at your own blog and earn revenue from these.You can earn money through advertising programs such as Google Adsense or through Affiliate marketing.While maintaining your own blog or website, you get the choice of having your own custom themes and templates as well as you get to decide what goes in and out of your blog.This is one of the most popular ways ti make money online by writing How-To Articles.

Writing for other Private Sites as a Columnist
Many Private websites hire writers to write for them, you can apply to these websites as a columnist and by doing this you can write How-To Articles on these sites and earn a revenue share from the Advertisements that get displayed around the content you have written.

Public How-To sites
There are many public sites, which anyone can sign up for and write How-To Articles.In these sites, you will be  allowed to use your own Ad Codes such as of Adsense and earn revenue from it.Some of these Public Sites also allow you to use Affiliate codes and earn money from that as well.Some of the best and most famous Public How-To Sites are -

How-To Articles on eBooks
There is also another way by which you can make money online by writing How-To Articles.You can make a collection of How-To Articles and then publish them as an eBook.You need to make sure that you have written all the content on your own and that it is unique.

So here are some of the ways you can make money online by writing How-To Articles.If you have some other ideas about this please contact me through the comments or through the contact page.
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