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LG - Largest OLED TV Pictures and Info Released 2012

LG OLED 55 Inch TV Colors

Do you see that extra-ordinary Screen in the Picture above? I bet you are thinking, I just have to get that for my living room.But wait, it is still not in mass production.This is the prototype of the LG OLED 55 Inch Television at CES.

If you have ever seen an OLED Screen next to an LED or LCD or PLASMA TV, you will know the difference, this new OLED by LG uses a whole new technology of Four Pixel Colors, that is each Pixel emits Red, Blue, Green as usual like any other OLED Screen but in addition to that it also emits white color.This is the main reason why the OLED by LG is far superior to any other OLED in the market right now.The other factor is the size, LG has created for the first time a Large Screen of 55 Inches with OLED Technology(By the OLED means Organic Light Emitting Diodes).

The Other cool thing about this new TV from LG is that it is only 4mm Thick, this is another advantage of the OLED Screens, they can be made incredibly thin.

The Only drawback would be the cost of the OLED Screens, the smaller screens which are already in the market are exorbitantly priced, hence making it available only to certain people.But with the onset of the printing technology where a OLED can be printed on to a thin surface of suitable material, it has the potential to be cheaper than any other type of Television.

Research is going on to reduce power consumption, increase flexibility and also better the already great response time of OLED TV's.

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