Saturday, 7 January 2012

iPhone 4s Consumes Twice as much Data as iPhone 4

iPhone 4s

The iPhone 4s is one of the most technologically advance smart phones on the planet, and hence with that tag also comes the heavy data consumption.This development comes after the growth of mobile video and bandwidth consuming online flash applications as well as new software such as the iPhone 4s assistant Siri.

U.K.-based telecom network technology firm Arieso made this study, which talks about how the iPhone 4s users are the most hungriest data consumers.The study also highlights features such as -

  1. Study reveals explosive growth in mobile data demand
  2. iPhone 4S users are the “hungriest” data consumers, demanding twice as much data as iPhone 4 users and three times as much as iPhone 3G users
  3. Just 1% of all users now consume HALF of the entire down link data.
This report goes to show that iPhone 4s users are the most demanding of their devices, well they should be after paying out a hefty price to acquire the iPhone 4s.

The increase in the ability of a device also increases the demand of data usage from it.You do not expect to perform presentations using a Nokia Basic Handset, but you expect that from a Smart Phone such as an iPhone 4s.

This immense data demand has put a strain on the bandwidth providers, this calls for newer technologies increasing bandwidth as well as Internet Speeds.

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