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Importance and Benefits of Guest Blogging

You have probably discovered something new called Guest Blogging and you want to know why people are writing guest posts when they can be writing content for their own blog.You probably want to know what the importance and benefits of Guest Blogging is.Here I will try to cover all the benefits of Guest Blogging.

Guest Blogging Importance Benefits

If you want to increase your sites performance on Google Search, you would probably want to get more backlinks from other blogs and websites, the higher the Page Rank of the blog you are writing a guest post for, the better the link juice provided by them.If you get a few Page Rank 4 or Page Rank 5 links back to your site, it can drastically increase your search engine rankings.Backlinks count as "votes" for your website and hence your site becomes more visible in the search engine.This process will not happen overnight, but it will take some time for you to see the results and hard work of your guest blogging.

Exposure to new Audience
When your articles get accepted and published on a top blog, then you as an author of a blog get more recognition, a lot of people learn your name.These people have the potential to become your blogs new readers, if they liked what you wrote while guest blogging.Hence the more articles you write on a wide variety of blogs, the more exposure to new audiences you get.This is also an important benefit of Guest Blogging.

Increased Social Network
Some blogs allow you to have your social network links in your Author Bio section, with the help of which you can gain more number of Facebook fans, Twitter Followers, Google Plus Circles and even YouTube Subscribers.This expanded Social Network can in turn lead to more audience, again.

Guest Blogging Importance Benefits 2
Some blogs pay you money to write for them, this is called paid blogging and when sites do this, they may not allow you to have links back to your site, but they do allow you to have links to your social networking profiles.Some bloggers get paid handsomely and are a making a full time living by writing great quality content for other sites and blogs.

Some sites also allow you to have your own Adsense Ad-Codes in your article, we are one such site.We give 100% Adsense Revenue share to the author, but first your article needs to be of good quality and original writing.

Guest Blogging Importance Benefits 3

If not any of the above mentioned benefits, Guest Blogging can bring you at the least good quality traffic.My 2 week old blog manages to get 500 views a day, this is because of a good network of guest articles I have written on other blogs, this seems to have increased my rankings in Google search as well.

If you get published on a very popular blog, you can expect to get at least a thousand hits from the article to your site, if you can convert these visitors to regular readers, then you will start to increase the popularity of your own blog.

So realized the importance and benefits of Guest Blogging? What are you waiting for? You can start guest blogging right here on this site, for more visit - Write For Us.
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