Monday, 23 January 2012

How to Schedule Posts in Blogger Blogs

Did you know that you could schedule posts in Blogger? You can actually pick out a date and time in the future when you would like your post to be published.This is a very convenient tool when you are going to be travelling and want to keep up your posting frequency or if you just want to publish an article at a particular time in the future(Such as New Year's, Someones Birthday Etc).You can choose whatever time and date you want the article to be published.Here is how you can do it -

Go to This option called "Schedule" is Post Settings.

Schedule Blogger Posts

Then just select your date and time for Publishing your article, after you have finished writing it.

Schedule Blogger Posts Date Time

It is as simple as that, now go ahead and try it out.Check out all our Blogger Tricks and Blogging Tips.
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