Friday, 13 January 2012

How To Enable Blogger Threaded Comments With Reply?

Blogger finally rolled a WordPress like Threaded Comments system, in which it is much easier to comment and reply to comments to a specific person.Before we had to use the @ symbol to direct a comment at an individual, but now we can directly reply to their comment in this two tier commenting system.So do you want this new Commenting feature on your Blogger Blog?Then just follow the steps.Remember this new comments system is supported only on the new dynamic views  Blogger Templates.I will soon post a way to get these comments on all custom templates.

Blogger Threaded Comments

How To Enable Blogger Threaded Comments?

1)Set the Feed option to "Full" in the settings tabs - Save it.

Blogger Two Tier Threaded Comments

2)Go to the Comments Settings and Save the settings as "Embedded"

Blogger Threaded Reply Comments
3)That's it! A Simple Blogger Trick this time. Now go to one of your post pages and see that you have a "Reply" option below each comment.

I have to agree that Blogger is moving in the right direction as WordPress is totally dominating it when it comes to Comments Plug Ins, especially with the Do-Follow CommentLuv Plugin. But I personally prefer Facebook comments.Make sure you Subscribe to us!
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