Thursday, 12 January 2012

Google to Twitter: @ Symbol Won't be Indexed

Previously we had written a post about how Google+ had integrated with Search, in which we said that Google is trying to do this to reduce the popularity of Facebook and Twitter and increase the popularity of Google+.This is seemingly becoming more and more true as Twitter has come out with a public spat against Google+ and its unfair integration with Google Search.Well, Google is in no way obliged to not integrate them, it is just a moral case as they claim to give the most relevant search results.Twitter feels that with the integration of Search and Plus, Google is not giving the most relevant search results.

Alex Macgillivray tweeted an example of what Twitter have been claiming, When you search for the term @WWE in Google Search, you will get the Google+ Page of WWE ahead of the Twitter page of WWE.While a search of +WWE gives the proper result of Google+ Page before Twitter.If you look at the stats, the WWE page on twitter has almost 40 times more followers than the Google+ Page.This is Twitter's argument about the Google Search not returning the best and most relevant search results, at least regarding the integration of Google+.

Google vs Twitter @wwe

Google retaliated by saying that Twitter uses no-follow links in its core and hence not much of twitter can be indexed.They also talked about Facebook and how Google is unable to index the core pages of Facebook due to the fact that these pages are private.Facebook has not made a comment on this issue and are probably trying to stay away from this spat.

Further Google has Declared that it has never indexed the @ sign on Twitter.

Twitter feels they have been hard done by the integration of Google Search and Plus, I too feel that this is a deliberate move to increase Google+ popularity, what do you think?Comment.
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