Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Google Search Now Indexes Facebook Comments of Websites and Blogs

Google Search is now indexing Facebook Comments of Websites and Blogs, at-least the Facebook comments on some of the most well known blogs such as TechCrunch.com Mashable.com Etc. Google seems to have found a way to index these Facebook comments of a website or blog and it appears to me that Google Indexes those comments which have keyword similar to that of the Article and the Title of the Article as all comments are not being Indexed.Here is an example of an article on Tech Crunch, where a Facebook Comment when searched produces a result leading to the Tech Crunch Article in which the comment was made.

Facebook Comments Indexed

 And here is the Same comment in Google Search -

Google Search Facebook Comments

Now this can have many implications, such as making Facebook Comments plug-in even more tempting for webmasters and thus we may see many more websites shifting to Facebook Comments. We at Geeks and Nerds Online already use Facebook Comments, and this indexing news is therefore good for us.

In one of our previous posts, Google Indexing Fast, we had mentioned that Facebook Comments are now being indexed and this post is to support that point.
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