Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Google Merges Search and Google+ a to Social Media Giant

Google Search is as of today, officially merged with Google+ to make a juggernaut of a Social Network, this means that the Google Search that you were used to all these years will have some changes.These changes are not in the form of design or theme, but it is in the results you get for your search queries.Before when you searched in say, Paris, you would get some Images, some Paris Websites, a Wikipedia article about Paris, but now if you search in the same thing, you will also get results which include a friends status about how he enjoyed his vacation in Paris or a picture of the Eiffel tower taken by one of the people in your Circles.

Google+ Google Search Integrated

This new update from Google also helps you out in searching people, now if you search in a persons name, if it matches any of your friends in your circles, those names will come up first, the logic behind this is that Google feels that you are more likely to search someone who you know rather than someone who you do not know about. Of-course even those who do not know will show up on the search results and you can add them directly from the search page itself.

The Google Instant search and predictive text has also been integrated after considering your Google+ activities and your behavior online.Yes, Google Search is becoming more and more personal.Too personal some might say.

This new update is mainly done to make Google+ users more active on the social networking site and also strengthen the market share of the Social Media Network as compared to Twitter and Facebook, which are at the moment much more popular than Google+.
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